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The Nad Ostrovem Residence, named after the street in Podolí where it is located, offers exclusive homes for demanding customers. New owners can expect luxury both in terms of the unique surroundings and top-class standards, but also in the small scale of the project which ensures sufficient privacy.

Architectural design

The five-storey detached building is situated on a formerly vacant plot between apartment buildings on the Podolí slopes.

The sloped plot enabled the design of an original, staggered solution, which provides all apartments with their own terrace as well as sufficient natural light.


The project is developed by Neocity Group, which specialises in the construction of small and medium-scale projects in the Czech Republic as well as in other European countries and Israel.

Founded in 2003, the Group is dedicated to bringing its clients top-quality living solutions and professional services adhering to the “one-to-one” approach.

“We strive to develop our projects in accordance with the needs of their future inhabitants, down to the smallest detail. We only develop projects where we could imagine ourselves living as residents,” says Michal Šiller, Business Manager.



Podolí is an exceptional neighbourhood where you can enjoy living close to natural surroundings – the river – as well as the centre of a European metropolis.

Unique location

The location’s exclusivity lies in its unique position on one of the last available plots in Podolí. Nad Ostrovem street is situated directly above Veslařský ostrov; its higher elevation offers great views of the river and the historical city centre, not to mention much sought-after tranquillity in a residential area.

In the centre, surrounded by nature

Prague’s historical centre is only 10 minutes away, but the surroundings are so green and peaceful that you might as well be living in the suburbs. Everything you need is within easy walking distance – restaurants, shops, public transport, schools and, of course, the Vltava river is just a few steps down the hill.

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Swimming pool Podolí

Inline skating track

Tram stop Kublov

Medical attendance


Rezidence Nad Ostrovem


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Floor plan
Cross section

Pricing of flats

1. Floor

Price with VAT
Number: 1.01
Type: 3+kk
Flat: 104,9
Terrace: 29,8
Price with VAT: /

3+kk/134,7 m²

1 Hall 7,6 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 48,6 m²
3 Hallway 4,2 m²
4 Bedroom 12,7 m²
5 Bedroom 15,7 m²
6 Bathroom 7,0 m²
7 Hallway 4,6 m²
8 Toilet 2,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 2,7 m²
  Total internal area 104,9 m²
9 Terrace 29,8 m²
  Total area 134,7 m²
Number: 1.02
Type: 5+kk
Flat: 201,7
Terrace: 326,4
Price with VAT: /

5+kk/528,1 m²

1 Hall 11,3 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 59,8 m²
3 Hallway 7,1 m²
4 Bedroom 17,6 m²
5 Barthroom 6,9 m²
6 Bedroom 21,5 m²
7 Bedroom 27,2 m²
8 Dressing room 7,8 m²
9 Dressing room 19,4 m²
10 Bathroom 16,8 m²
11 Toilet 2,6 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 3,8 m²
  Total internal area 201,7 m²
12 Terrace 81,8 m²
13 Terrace 11,6 m²
14 Garden 233 m²
  Total area 528,1 m²

2. Floor

Price with VAT
Number: 2.03
Type: 4+kk
Flat: 113,1
Terrace: 58,7
Price with VAT: /

4+kk/171,8 m²

1 Hall 11,6 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 41,2 m²
3 Bathroom 5,7 m²
4 Bedroom 16,1 m²
5 Bedroom 13,6 m²
6 Bedroom 12,5 m²
7 Bathroom 3.9 m²
8 Toilet 2,5 m²
9 Hallway 3,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 3,1 m²
  Total internal area 113,1 m²
10 Balcony 4,3 m²
11 Terrace 54,4 m²
  Total area 171,8 m²
Number: 2.04
Type: 2+kk
Flat: 65,9
Terrace: 28
Price with VAT: /

2+kk/93,9 m²

1 Hall 9,1 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 29,6 m²
3 Bedroom 15,3 m²
4 Toilet 2,0 m²
5 Bathroom 8,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 1,9 m²
  Total internal area 65,9 m²
6 Terrace 28,0 m²
  Total area 93,9 m²
Number: 2.05
Type: 2+kk
Flat: 79,4
Terrace: 14,22
Price with VAT: /

2+kk/93,6 m²

1 Hall 9,3 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 38,4 m²
3 Bedroom 14,1 m²
4 Bathroom 5,7 m²
5 Toilet 3,5 m²
6 Dressing room 5,3 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 3,1 m²
  Total internal area 79,4 m²
7 Balcony 3,2  m²
8 Terrace 11 m²
  Total area 93,6 m²
G16 Parking  
S4 Cellar 3,5 m²

3. Floor

Price with VAT
Number: 3.06
Type: 4+kk
Flat: 115,2
Terrace: 17,14
Price with VAT: /

4+kk/132,3 m²

1 Hall 17,1 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 38,8 m²
3 Hallway 5,2
4 Bedroom 14,8 m²
5 Bedroom 12,6
6 Bedroom 12,1
7 Bathroom 3,7 m²
5 Toilet 2,3 m²
9 Bathroom 5,8 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 7,9 m²
  Total internal area 115,2 m²
10 Balcony 4,4  m²
11 Terrace 12,7 m²
  Total area 132,3 m²
G9 Parking  
G10 Parking  
S11 Cellar 3,9 m²
Number: 3.07
Type: 2+kk
Flat: 65,8
Terrace: 0
Price with VAT: /

2+kk/65,8 m²

1 Hall 9,1 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 29,6 m²
3 Bedroom 15,3 m²
4 Toilet 2,0 m²
5 Bathroom 8,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 1,9 m²
  Total area 65,8 m²
  Total area 65,8 m²
Number: 3.08
Type: 3+kk
Flat: 91,9
Terrace: 7,9
Price with VAT: /

3+kk/99,8 m²

1 Hall 11,9 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 30,2 m²
3 Bedroom 22,8 m²
4 Bedroom 16,3 m²
5 Bathroom 6,1 m²
6 Toilet 3,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 1,6 m²
  Total internal area 91,9 m²
8 Balcony 7,9 m²
  Total area 99,8 m²

4. Floor

Price with VAT
Number: 4.09
Type: 4+kk
Flat: 127,8
Terrace: 31,3
Price with VAT: /

4+kk/159,1 m²

1 Hall 15,7 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 46,9 m²
3 Bedroom 15,0 m²
4 Bedroom 10,4 m²
5 Bedroom 13,4 m²
6 Bathroom 5,1 m²
7 Dressing room 4,8 m²
8 Bathroom 4,7 m²
9 Toilet 2,1 m²
10 Hallway 7,0 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 2,9 m²
  Total internal area 127,8 m²
11 Terrace 31,3 m²
  Total area 159,1 m²
Number: 4.10
Type: 3+kk
Flat: 78,1
Terrace: 21,5
Price with VAT: /

3+kk/99,6 m²

1 Hall 9,4 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 27,7 m²
3 Bedroom 13,6 m²
4 Bedroom 14,8 m²
5 Toilet 2,4 m²
6 Bathroom 6,3 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 3,9 m²
  Total area 78,1 m²
7 Terrace 21,5 m²
  Total internal area 99,6 m²
G7, G8 Parking  
S3 Cellar 3,7 m²

5. Floor

Price with VAT
Number: 5.11
Type: 4+kk
Flat: 114,5
Terrace: 62,5
Price with VAT: /

4+kk/177 m²

1 Hallway 10,9 m²
2 Living room with kitchenette 38,5 m²
3 Bedroom 18,1 m²
4 Bedroom 12,3 m²
5 Bedroom 11,1 m²
6 Bathroom 8,3 m²
7 Bathroom 5,8 m²
8 Toilet 1,8 m²
  Other areas, internal partitions 7,7 m²
  Total internal area 114,5 m²
9 Terrace 62,5 m²
  Total area 177 m²
G1 Parking  
G17 Parking  
S10 Cellar 4,1 m²



Construction system

Ceilings, bearing walls – reinforced concrete. Non-bearing walls and partition walls – brick.

Ceiling height

Height of habitable rooms – 265 cm. Suspended plasterboard ceilings in corridors and bathrooms, height reduced by 15 cm.


Gas boiler room, wireless measuring/reading of heat consumption, floor convectors placed near the French windows, ladder radiators in bathrooms, electric floor heating.


Aluminium windows


Ceiling-height ceramic tiles, Hansgrohe furnishings, concealed shower mixers, cultured marble basin, glass shower screens, steel bathtub.


Three-layer wooden floors with a 3.6mm wear layer

Electro installation

Light fittings

In bathrooms, toilets and halls, light fittings are installed in the plasterboard suspended ceilings; an outlet above the mirror, more outlets for light fittings in other parts of the flat.

Ventilation systems

Bathroom and toilet, timer & hydrostatic extractor fan


Central TV antenna, TV sockets in all rooms


Data socket in all rooms


Video phone

“Smart home” solution

Use your tablet or smartphone to control heating, blinds, etc. Wide optional extension possibilities.

Common areas


Parking garage on the 1st underground floor with shared driveway. Lighting in the garage controlled by motion sensor. Remote-controlled segmented gate.


Brick/concrete walls, chip-controlled access to common basement premises

Entrance hall

Building entrance door – aluminium, dual-pane windows, electro-mechanic door lock, entry into the building with a chip or key.

Floors, staircase and halls – ceramic floor tiles.


Halls, staircases, entrance hall, basement and the open area in front of the entrance door – motion-sensor controlled lighting.


Passenger lift, maximum load 675 kg, max. 9 persons.


We will be happy to help you choose the best option for financing your flat and will assist you in obtaining the necessary documents.


15% of the purchase price

The first instalment corresponds to 15% of the purchase price, including VAT, and is payable within ten business days of signing the Preliminary Purchase Agreement.


85% of the purchase price

The balance, i.e. 85% of the purchase price, including VAT, is due within ten business days of the investor’s notice. The notice will be sent after the occupancy permit is obtained.


If you are considering financing an apartment in the Nad Ostrovem Residence through a mortgage loan, we can arrange favourable terms with Hypoasistent. Thanks to extraordinary discounts for Nad Ostrovem Residence clients, you get truly exclusive conditions. In addition, you can compare all the banks’ offers in one place and select the right one for your needs.

Hypoasistent will supervise the whole approval procedure, review the contractual documents with you in advance and advise you on everything you want to know. The company will help you choose the best product for you (low-rate mortgages, mortgages for foreigners, for entrepreneurs, mortgages without proof of income, etc.), assist you with the completion of documents and facilitate communication with the Land Registry Office, the bank and Neocity. All of this is done without excessive paperwork.

A mortgage calculator is available for a preview calculation. If you are interested, please contact Hypoasistent directly - they will be happy to help you and calculate a mortgage offered by any bank

Mortgage calculator

Mortage size

Amortization period let

Interest rate %

Monthly payment


Ing. Pavel Bultas
+420 739 329 456                   


Petr Slezák
+420 739 329 452

Photo gallery





3. 1. 2019


11 residential units found its owner.

2. 3. 2018

Last apartment

Move and live this spring in the last apartment available. 2 bedroom apartment with whooping area of 104,9sqm and a large terrace of 29,8 is calling you. Last chance to buy as all other apartments are gone!

10. 1. 2018

Final occupancy permit is just around corner

You can still choose from two avalable apartments and move in in spring of this year. One of the two available apartments is a spacey 5kk with an amazing terrace and garden.

30. 8. 2017

Last 2 apartments

Do not miss a chance to live 10 minutes from the center and choose from 2 last luxury apartments.

15. 12. 2016

We have moved!

You can find us at Jankovcova 1603/47a, Prague 7 Holešovice.

28. 11. 2016

Real Estate project of the year 2016

We are proud to announce that project Rezidence nad Ostrovem received a prestigious award  “Real Estate project of the year 2016”

16. 11. 2016

Construction has started

Building permit was issued thus construction has started. We expect to finish construction in first quarter of 2018!

1. 11. 2016

Building permit

The long awaited building permit has been issued!

13. 5. 2016

Last 5 apartments

Do not miss a chance to live 10 minutes from the center and yet close to nature and the river. You can still choose from five luxury apartments that are waiting for their new owners.

1. 2. 2016

Presale started

You have a unique opportunity to buy an apartment in Podolí. Expected completion of the project is planned for summer 2017.